Church of England Diocese of Chester Swettenham

Revision of precautions in church

24 Jul 2021, 4 p.m.

Now that the COVID restrictions have been relaxed, but with rising infection levels, we have revised the precautions we are taking, and freedoms we can enjoy, in our church services. We are really looking forward to things being normal, and to seeing churches a little fuller. To keep us all safe and comfortable, please read the precautions below.

Masks: They are now no longer required in church, but you may still wish to wear them. Our suggestion is to wear when moving around and then remove your mask when seated.

Social distancing: This is no longer enforced so we can sit in adjacent pews. However, infection rates are still high so please be vigilant. For those who wish to keep socially distanced, we do have a space reserved for you in church. Please ask those on door duty where these are.

Singing: At long last we can sing again in church! Singing is probably the most likely way to spread infection, therefore we will be asking you to sing quietly in the first part of the service and increase the volume for the latter part of the service.

Communion: For the time being we won't be sharing the chalice, but so that we can all share the bread and wine, there will be a drop of wine added to each wafer.

Sanitiser: Sanitising hand gel will still be used when entering the church, and before you receive Communion.

As a precaution we will still be recording names of those attending in case we do need to notify you of any infection during your time in church.

Please continue to bring your Restricted COVID service booklet to church as we will still be using this until further notice.

Thank you all for your consideration.