Church of England Diocese of Chester Saint Michael and All Angels, Macclesfield

Sixth Sunday of Easter (17th May 2020)

Still in the Church's season of Easter we declare: Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, alleluia!

During this pandemic we continue to pre-record a service for Sunday worship. Through 'St Michael's at Home' we're delighted to lead you in worship from our various homes around Macclesfield.

MANY apologies for the 'stuttering' nature of the image of Martin and Catherine; we're not certain what causes this but we won't be using this device again for recording.

As you join us today, our Bible reading is from John 14:15-23, where the Holy Spirit is promised to be with us forever. That means today, .. and tomorrow, and everyday thereafter- during lockdown and whenever that ends. Mike is our speaker today, and there's the opportunity for quiet reflection afterwards too..

Input from a number of our church members includes the retelling by the Shepherd-Etchells family of how Jesus reassures Peter that he is still called to serve his Lord and Saviour, using whatever characters and props are available at the Shepherd-Etchells home!

You can join in our worship by downloading the Order of Service below.

For copyright reasons we do not include song tracks within this service but we suggest a few songs you might hum, sing or simply listen to, at various points in the service. Pause the video at these points, and click on the appropriate link displayed below. If you open this in a separate tab, after the song you can easily return to the recorded service where you left off.

Choice of first song: Amazing Grace or Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)

Second song: Breathe on me, Breath of God

Choice of final song: Lord, for the years or Is He worthy?

Thank you for joining us in worship. If you would like to contribute in some way, perhaps with a reading or acting out the storytelling, or you'd like to share something you've experienced in worship or you'd like us to support you in prayer then please do get in touch.

Links to the various resources referred to are:

St Michael's Church Facebook and St Michael's Instagram (regular postings throughout the week)

Thy Kingdom Come global prayer initiative

Background music for reflection after Mike's talk:  
Images used during reflection are by Keilah Gepte, Andrew Neel, Zac Frith, Pixabay, Brett Sayles, Trinity Kubassek, Lukas Rychvalsky, David Boca, and Luis Quintero, all from Pexels.

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