Church of England Diocese of Chester Marton

Keeping safe when attending church

12 Oct 2020, noon
RDC_Church_Attendance_Safety_Notice.pdf Download

As Covid-19 infections increase locally, and within our villages and congregations, we need to remain vigilant in our observance of precautions. We may be bored with it, but PLEASE read the following before coming to church, and be aware that best estimates suggest 1 in 200 people are now infectious - whether or not they are aware of it.

It is increasingly clear that infections mostly occur when precautions are ignored (just look at the White House!) While we may struggle to follow all the rule changes, the principles are simple.

-We MUST wear masks in church.

-We all need to observe the 2m rule, even when wearing masks.

-Hands should be sanitised when entering AND when leaving church - and please be careful what you touch.

The "Rule of Six" has caused confusion, particularly as there is a partial exemption for church services. We can have as many people as are safe in church - which means observing the 2m rule. BUT, we are not allowed to socialise in groups of more than six at the end of the service. Of course, sixes still need to be 2m apart from each other. And, no, you cannot move from one group of six to another.

There is no restriction on who can come to church - whatever condition or age. The choice is yours alone. For those who want to reduce the risk of exposure, our services at Hulme Walfield remain the lowest risk services and anyone is welcome at these services.