Church of England Diocese of Coventry St. John Coventry

Easing of Covid restrictions

19 Jul 2021, 9 a.m.

From Sunday 25 July, the following arrangements will be in place:

Masks will be optional, but recommended.

Hand sanitiser will remain available at the entrance and we recommend its use. 

We will continue to take details for the test and trace system and display the QR code for those using the app.

We will allocate the south aisle as a space for those who wish to be sure that they can maintain their distance from others. The 6pm Mass will remain an option for those who wish to be sure of being able to keep their distance from others.

Indoor congregational singing will be possible, but will be phased in gently, and face coverings should be worn by members of the congregation whilst singing together. We will therefore continue to say the Mass but sing hymns at the 10am Sunday Mass.

We will continue to share the Sign of Peace in a non-physical way.

The collection plates will remain at the back of church and we will not take a collection during the service.

Holy Communion will continue to be under one kind.

Coffee will be available after the 10am Mass.

Holy Water stoups will not be refilled yet, but Fr Dexter can supply Holy Water to anyone who wishes to take some home for devotional use.

We will continue to ensure regular cleaning, particularly of frequently-touched surfaces.  

We continue to seek to do everything that we can to ensure that people can join us for worship safely. Please do be in touch if you have any questions or concerns.