Church of England Diocese of Coventry Ashow

Worship at Ashow and Stoneleigh churches during the Pandemic

19 Aug 2020, 2 p.m.
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Currently combined services are being held alternately at both Ashow and Stoneleigh and take the form of either an abbreviated form of Morning Worship or a Eucharist service, adapted to meet current regulations. These shortened services are held either inside the churches or outside and are designed to meet with Government legislation on social distancing. All necessary precautions are being taken. Unless stated otherwise, services at Ashow start at 10.30 am and at Stoneleigh it is 11 am.

As we are in a vacancy at the present time we are extremely grateful to the clergy who are assisting us in this form of worship.

To see details of upcoming services please click on the 'Download' button to the right of this notice. Further details are also given in Pews News, together with other local items.

When attending services you are asked to co-operate fully with the Wardens so that current regulations can be observed.

You will be asked to give your name and telephone number so that you may be contacted if any emergency arises subsequent to the service. Such information will be destroyed after 21 days.

Social distancing must be observed and you will be directed to your seats or area. If the service is indoors, Government regulations state that face masks must be worn throughout the service unless you have a medical condition which exempts you from this ruling.

No singing is permitted.

If the service is a Eucharist, announcements will be made to advise everybody of the procedure to be adopted for administering the elements.

You are respectfully requested not to gather in large groups at the end of the service but rather to disperse as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your co-operation.

For further information about services at Ashow please see the section headed 'Services and Events' and whilst the pandemic is on refer to 'One-off Events'.