Church of England Diocese of Coventry Ashow

Worship at Ashow and Stoneleigh churches during the Pandemic

1 Jan 2021, 1:15 a.m.

As from the beginning of October, services were being resumed in both  Ashow and Stoneleigh churches, whilst Government and Church regulations allowed it.   They took the form of either an abbreviated form of Morning Worship or a Eucharist service, each adapted to meet with current regulations and these shortened services were held inside the churches.  They  were designed to meet with the rulings on social distancing and any other restrictions in place at the time and congregations were asked to wear face masks during the service unless they had a medical condition which exempted them from this ruling.     

All necessary precautions were taken by the Wardens and when attending services people were asked to co-operate fully with them.  Social distancing was observed and people were directed to their seats or area. 

There have been various changes since that time and both Ashow and Stoneleigh have now been moved into Tier 4 restrictions.   However, currently churches are allowed to hold organised services provided that strict regulations are observed,   Notices of services will be updated regularly on both the Ashow and Stoneleigh sites, together with any details.

We continue to be extremely grateful to all the clergy who are assisting in this as we remain in a vacancy without a regular incumbent.