Church of England Diocese of Coventry Hatton w Haseley

Candlemass 2021

29 Jan 2021, 1:45 p.m.

Rector’s Message
Sunday 31st January 2021.
We worship together this Sunday at Hatton Church at 10 am as we celebrate Candlemas. It is 40 days after Christmas, the last great festival of the Christmas cycle before we turn our face towards Lent. Christ is announced as the light to enlighten us all. Many of the prayers used today contain this image of the retreating darkness. (More appropriate this year than ever as we slowly move towards large scale vaccination and the prospect in the spring of the country gradually opening up again.)

In ancient times there would have been candlelit processions to church as an enactment of the journey to Jerusalem by Mary and Joseph to present their child in the Temple. The medieval Church blessed candles and invited people to take them home and light them in times of fear and journey.

As we journey on together in faith, our worship over the following month will be as follows:
Sunday 31 January 10 am Candlemas at Hatton Church
Sunday 7 February 10 am Holy Communion Hatton Church
Sunday 7 February 10.30 Matins Honiley Church
Wednesday 17 February Ash Wednesday 7.30 pm Hatton Church NOT Haseley because of space and numbers during these Covid times.
Sunday 21 February 10 am Holy Communion Hatton Church
Sunday 28 February 8.30 am Haseley Church.