Benefice Lent Study Group

<div><div>Lent starts tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, and there will be two services of Holy Communion, one at 11.00 a.m. and the other at 7.30 p.m. Both services are at St Leonard's Church, Ryton, and parishioners and friends from all our villages are very welcome to attend.
</div><div>Our Benefice Lent Study Group will this year have to be held on Zoom. Lent Group meetings, led by the Rector, will take place every Tuesday at 7.00 p.m., and everyone will receive an invitation to join in those meetings. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, February 23 and the format will be :
</div><div><ol><li>Opening prayer,
</li><li>Discussion of the following Sunday's Bible readings.</li><li>Joining together in Compline (Night Prayer.)</li></ol>Here's the Zoom invitation:</div><div>Join Zoom Meeting every Tuesday at 7.00 p.m.<wbr></wbr>2631060723?pwd=<wbr></wbr>bGhHK2g3elY5UVR6VnJHNm8vWUpLUT<wbr></wbr>09

Meeting ID: 263 106 0723
Passcode: 2305

We shall be sending out the texts of the readings a few days before each meeting, and they will also be displayed on the screens of Zoom participants during the meeting, as will also the text of the service of Compline.

</div><div>If you can't, or don't wish to, take part in the live Zoom meetings, you can still be part of the group by reading the Bible texts which we shall be sending out, and sending your comments and questions on the readings by email to Rosemary at [email protected]</div><div> We can then discuss them in the meetings.
</div><div>The readings for the first Lent Group meeting on Feb 23 are those set for following Sunday (the second Sunday in Lent, February 28.) There are 3 readings set by the Church of England: from the Old Testament, from the Epistles (Letters to young churches) in the New Testament, and the Gospel passage set for that Sunday.
</div><div>I am sending them as an attachment, so that you can have a good look at them beforehand and think/ note down what you would like to discuss.</div><div>Everyone is welcome to attend as many or as few of the meetings as they can manage, and alternatively to read the Bible texts and send their comments and thoughts and questions to Rosemary.</div><div>We hope that many parishioners and friends will decide to join us.
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