Church of England Diocese of Coventry Binton

Services in Church Again!

23 Jul 2020, 7 p.m.

As the Government and National Church have introduced new guidance so we are now able to welcome you back to our buildings for a Sunday service. At present there will be only one service each week in any of our buildings (dates and venues below) and there will be a number of changes to our regular activities in order to keep everybody safe. Not every building has yet been re-opened. Please make sure that you read the important information below BEFORE you come to one of these services.

• At Salford Priors the services may all take place OUTSIDE since we can accommodate more people like this, however if the weather is bad we will move inside but there may be limited capacity - sorry!

10:30am 30th August Picnic Service at Salford Priors

6th September

               10:00am Holy Communion at Bidford-on-Avon

               10:30am Holy Communion at Salford Priors

13th September

               10:00am Family Service at Salford Priors

20th September

               10:00am Holy Communion at Bidford-on-Avon

               10:30am Holy Communion at Salford Priors

27th September

               10:30am Family Service at Salford Priors

These services will inevitably “feel” very different to what we are used to.

• Please do not come to church if you have any Covid symptoms

• Inside the building it is REQUIRED that you wear a mask except when you are leading the service or receiving Communion

• At Salford Priors you will have to book a “ticket” before you arrive, please email the administrator for details

• Other services will collect names and contact details while you are there so that we can co-operate with the “Test and Trace” service if required

• Seats will be widely spaced, some pews will be taped-off or there will be large gaps between groups of chairs.

• You will only be able to sit with people from your own household or support-bubble.

• There will be hand sanitiser available as you enter the church building

• You will probably find service orders on the chair or pew before you arrive

• We are not able to pass the collection bag in services so please place your offering in the bowl or plate provided as you come in

• Congregational singing is not allowed at present so there will either be recorded music or in some churches a few singers (suitably distanced)

• If you have volunteered to read or lead prayers, please try and do so without handling the lectern which somebody else may also touch, you may remove your mask to speak

• If it is a Communion service you will receive bread only, only the minister will receive the wine.

• The words “The body of Christ” etc will be spoken once over the whole congregation to avoid the minister having to speak over you as you approach them

• The minister will sanitise their hands before distributing the bread

• Bread will be dropped into your hands without the minister touching you - if you accidentally do touch the minister you are requested to sanitise your hands straight away

• Please try and follow a one-way system in order to keep your distance from others when you go to receive communion and return to your place

• Communion will be given to you while you stand in front of the minister (who will be in front of the table), this is to avoid lots of people touching the communion rail

• At the end of the service if there is a service order or leaflet that you do not wish to take home, please place it in the box provided on the way out

• For the time being, we will not be serving refreshments after the service

• There will be hand sanitiser available as you leave the church building