Church of England Diocese of Coventry Newbold on Stour

We are actively raising funds for a toilet and servery and a hard path

27 Nov 2020, 4 p.m.

Our Project

Our plan is to install a toilet in the porch, and a servery on the northwest corner of the nave. To cover the drains we will recover the path from the Armscote Road to the Church and beyond to the school gate, with a spur to the front door of the church.

We have plans drawn, which can be seen in the church, approval from the Diocese, grants obtained and donations amounting to 50% of the sum required. We will be helped through the final stages and build by Tandem Projects, who are based here in Newbold.

We cannot start until we have the funds to hand, so all that is left is to raise the balance by applying for further grants and fund-raising events. The latter are mostly in obeyance at the moment because of Covid 19, however donations are welcome.

Watch out as we exit restrictions for our future plans to make St David’s a community space where we will be able to expand our activities to make it a safer and even more welcoming asset for the parish.