Church of England Diocese of Derby Castleton

Bradwell Auction of Promises

17 Feb 2021, 10 a.m.
Auction_of_promises_2021-poster_with_promises.pdf Download

This year St Barnabas Church, Bradwell, is unable to hold Lent Lunches to raise money for local charities. So this year St Barnabas is holding a Lent Auction of Promises instead. Money raised will be split between Zink Employability (which includes High Peak Food Bank covering Hope Valley) and St Barnabas Church

Bidding opens on 1st March 2021

Please place your bids before Sunday 21st March 2021

Please bid either by email to [email protected] or use forms available from Bradwell Post Office, The Bakehouse, Bradwell, High Peak Heating, Bradwell or St Barnabas (Wednesdays or Sundays)

Full details available on the Bradwell A Church Near You page from the end of February

Full list of promises available as a pdf to download.