Church of England Diocese of Derby Glossop

Hymn: Forth in the peace of Christ we go

1. Forth in the peace of Christ we go;
Christ to the world with joy we bring;
Christ in our minds, Christ in our lips,
Christ in our hearts, the world’s true King.

2. King of our hearts, Christ reigns in us;
kingship with him his servants gain;
with Christ, the Servant-Lord of all,
Christ’s world we serve to share Christ’s reign.

3. Priests of the world, Christ sends us forth
the world of time to consecrate,
our world of sin by grace to heal,
Christ’s world in Christ to recreate.

4. Prophets of Christ, we hear his word:
he claims our minds, to search his ways;
he claims our lips, to speak his truth;
he claims our hearts, to sing his praise.

5. We are the Church, he makes us one:
here is one hearth for all to find;
here is one flock, one Shepherd-King,
here is one faith, one heart, one mind.

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