Church of England Diocese of Durham St. Oswald Durham

Back to Church for Passion Sunday

19 Mar 2021, 5 p.m.

I was glad when they said unto me…..Psalm 122 tells of the worshipper going up to the house of the Lord. It will be a joy to be able to be at Church this Sunday. We need to receive holy communion at the Lord’s table. We need to share with our community the gifts of the sacramental meal. One of the hard aspects of lockdown has been this deprivation of going to the Eucharist. We continue to pray for the overcoming of the pandemic and a return to being able to do all of the things human beings need to do to in their lives.

St. Patrick’s Day is an ideal opportunity to share with you my current exploration of Yeats’ poetry. Reading him alongside my daily reading of the Bible passages makes me aware of dimensions, or potentialities, in the Scriptures, that I have never seen before. Being alive to reading is a gift we can always partake of, even when restricted to our homes. But, beyond the power of words, even the very best words of readings and prayers, Yeats often refers to the exuberance of dance, and the grace of the human face, and the attraction of the fiddler’s music. As “Our feet stand in thy gates:” we shall find ourselves moving once more as we go into the place of gathering for worship. We shall see other members of our Church there. And we shall hear the accompanying music signifying the divine presence. This is the importance for us of meeting in Church for the Eucharist, even beyond the very best use of the service of prayers and readings; it has come not a moment too soon.

With love and prayers,