Church of England Diocese of Durham St. Mark, Millfield

About Us

"Accepting us all in the name of Jesus Christ"

Our Benefice prayer for our community:-

Gracious, ever loving God,

Thank you for Pallion and Millfield and thank you that the worshipping communities of St Luke and St Mark have been and continue to be faithful witnesses to your living presence in this area. We pray that you will help us, who worship you here, to reach out to people who live and work here to meet them in times of joy and sorrow, in times of plenty and of need. We ask that our eyes will be alert to the vulnerable and our eyes open to the cries of the lost and the lonely.

We pray for a spirit of understanding and forgiveness as we seek to grow together in faith.

Send your Holy Spirit to fill us with hope and expectation as together we journey on in our love for you.

We ask this in the name of Jesus, who loves us and who died for us.


St Mark's Church is very much a church open to everyone of any age, nationality and religious background. The Church community has been here for well over a hundred years in a building that people find both homely and reverential.

While within the evangelical framework of the Anglican Church, the spirituality and worship of St Mark's is liberal and deeply conscious of the full riches of Christian spiritual experience both  contemporary and historical. St Mark's is open and inclusive and was among the first congregations to support and welcome the ordination of women.

The congregation of St Mark's has always sought to serve the community of the day. Today, the church hall is home to a thriving community association that attracts young and old as well as providing access to computer resources. The Church itself remains a haven of calm and a centre of Christian love and worship in a rapidly changing world.

St Mark's parish was one of four that were created in response to the growth in the population of Sunderland during the latter part of the 19th centuary. St Mark's benefited from the support of the Hartley family, whose glass works were in Hylton Road and from Mrs Laing, a member of the shipbuilding family. The stone built church, which has interesting interior features and stained glass windows, is set in well maintained grounds.

The latter half of the 20th century saw the disappearance of the traditional industries (ship building, glass making, brewing and supporting trades) that supported and sustained the local community. With the creation of Sunderland Minster, St Mark's parish has grown. The parish now accommodates the main University campus, a Mosque, the main transport hub, civic buildings and shopping precinct. The regions largest theatre, night clubs and restaurants are also part of the mix.  Today the community in which St Mark's Church sits is very different from the one that existed when it was consecrated.