Church of England Diocese of Ely Gamlingay with Hatley St. George and East Hatley


3 Oct 2020, 12:15 a.m.

An additional note to the Newsletter for Gamlingay Church supporters - more details next time, but a heads up to anyone who would like to to contribute. We aren’t able to do our usual Christmas Fair at Gamlingay, but a ‘Christmas Catalogue’ will be compiled enabling people to order items which might otherwise have been physically for sale at church. So if you make anything, edible and otherwise, let Alec Hissett know what and how much - photos would be helpful too.

We are also looking at an on-line Christmas Tree festival/competition - let us know if you would like to display a tree.

Sunday Services will be available on the Zoom link, please contact Hilary for the details, the same link works for both, though you will need to be patient as we have limited signal at Gamlingay.