Church Covid Update

We are so pleased that as we step in to phase 4 of the lifting restrictions from this pandemic our Churches are OPEN for worship. 

St Mary's is open every Sunday morning at 11 am and we welcome any and all that would like to attend our Services. 

The following measures are being taken in our Churches as we undertake this final step of the government guidelines. 

1. Face Coverings - Whilst they are no longer a legal requirement, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that people continue to wear face coverings when entering and leaving the Church building and when in close proximity to other people within the building. 

2. Safe Space - Restrictions on social distancing has been eased, but for many there is still a concern from being in close proximity to those outside of their social groupings. We will continue to use safe distancing in our Churches as indicated by markers and chair layout. In addition we will provide A4 laminated cards stating 'protected space' for people to place next to them should they wish to protect their space. 

3. Hand Sanitising - We will continue to provide hand sanitiser and would encourage people to continue to use it. 

4. Track and Trace - It is no longer a legal requirement to maintain a register of people attending our Churches. However, we will continue to provide the QR code for scanning, should people wish to use it. 

5. Singing - Singing is now permitted without legal limitations. However, there is a greater risk of passing on the virus through droplets and particles in our breath. Singing will be permitted but people will NEED TO WEAR A FACE COVERING for this activity. 

6. Holy Communion - We will continue to distribute Holy Communion in one kind. This will be kept under review. The procedures put in place previously for preparing and administering Holy Communion will continue. Hand sanitisation will continue to be available prior to receiving the bread. 

7. The Peace - At this stage we are not recommending any changes to the way in which we share the peace. We will continue to use the recognised sign for sharing the peace. People from the same household may share the peace with a touch or a kiss. 

8. Ventilation - We will continue to provide additional ventilation by opening doors and windows as we are able. This has been a practice that we will continue. 

9. Refreshments - We will provide refreshments after services in a safe manner - ie. serve people in their seats rather than gather at a table. Where possible disposable cups should be used. 

10. Bell Ringing - Bell ringing is no longer a restricted activity. It is recommended that sensible precautions be undertaken - good ventilation and sanitising. 

11. Cleaning - The Churches will continue to follow their own cleaning regimes. There is no need to quarantine a building or to use sanitiser if the building is to be left for more than 72 hours between use. 

12 Weddings and Baptisms - Whilst there is no restrictions on the numbers who can attend, we have a duty to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for all our visitors. Rev Andrew & Rev Carol will discuss numbers with all families who wish to hold a Baptism or wedding in one of our Churches. This will be based on family groupings etc and the agreed number will be based on any additional measures that may need to be taken into account. 

It is our responsibility to ensure that we keep ourselves and others safe. 

If we can help you in anyway then please do get in touch with us and we are only too happy to offer support and care where needed.

Do contact the Church Office for more information.