Church of England Diocese of Ely Coveney

St Peter's APCM

11 Apr 2021, midnight

Ermm.... what is the APCM?!

We're glad you asked! The APCM is the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Actually it comprises two meetings, the ‘Vestry Meeting’ which elects the Church Warden(s) for the coming year and the APCM itself which is the 'business meeting' of the Church, it’s a sort of AGM for St Peters. It’s a meeting we’re legally required to have. The meeting is open to members of the Church electoral roll, and those present vote on various appointments, and approve the audited accounts of the Church. It is also an opportunity to catch up with the events of the last year and to explore the vision for the coming year together.

Ermm....So what is the Electoral Roll?

Put simply, the electoral roll is the (voting) membership of the Church. It is revised every year just prior to the APCM and once every 6 years the entire membership list is deleted and everyone has to re-apply. You can join the electoral roll at St Peter's by filling in the attached form.

Why should I sign up to be on the Electoral Roll?

Well, Electoral Rolls provide a good indication of the membership and strength of the Church. They help us to get a sense of how many people feel connected to the Church here in the parish. All new members are welcome.

*** We believe membership of the Church isn't just about coming along to Sunday services - there are many other ways to be part of what we do! ***

So please do have a think about putting your name on the Roll, if you're not already on the list, and please do email if you have any questions.