Church of England Diocese of Ely Boughton

Services on Zoom

2 May 2020, 7:30 p.m.

Password Wanda123

Hello All,

Please find above the link for the regular Thursday Communion tomorrow at 10am.The plan is that this is the permanent link for all the Thursday 10 am Communion services and also all the 11 am Sunday Communions. Any new regular services can be added as needed. This system means you can from now on just join the services from this link which we suggest you leave in your inbox or save somewhere on your device because I will not send the link out before each service. Just remember the times and hit the link a few minutes before the scheduled start time!

Any queries, please email me or phone 01366 328663.

Also please share this and advertise these services which have been a great resource for those who have found them. Zoom really is not difficult and there is help for anyone who needs it to access the App. No computers, laptops or iPads etc have been harmed in the process!

God bless,