Church of England Diocese of Gloucester St. John the Baptist France Lynch

Temporary closure to end of February

14 Jan 2021, 6:30 p.m.

After discussion with the Churchwardens of the Benefice, it is with heavy heart that we have decided to suspend all face to face worship for the next month.

Although by law we are permitted to worship in our buildings we feel that with the infection rates on the Hill and with the travel between the villages that would ensue with us being open, that we will not be showing deep care for others if we remain open. At least two of our schools have had Covid-19 cases arise in the last week with pupils being sent home for isolation, and there have been at least two deaths at home with Covid-19 in the Benefice within that time. To care for our neighbours means staying inside and avoiding spreading infection.

We will be constantly reviewing the situation. Ash Wednesday is 17<sup>th</sup> Feb and hopefully there will be a change by then. Meanwhile please continue to connect with us through the Facebook page (live worship on Sundays as well as week days) and on Zoom. The Vicar is always open to phone conversations, please phone your neighbours for a chat too.

</div> Funerals are permitted in our buildings but baptisms and weddings not, unless in case of emergency. Please contact Sue our Vicar if you have any questions