Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Newnham

News from the Churchwardens, August 2020

15 Jun 2020, midnight

We’ve had our first services in church after being closed for five months! We are having to adjust, as in many other things, but it was lovely to get together again. 

The church is open every day<span style="font-size: 1rem;">, between about 9am and 5pm.  Just walk in, and please follow the safety notice inside about hand sanitising and contact details.</span>

Preparations to appoint a vicar are progressing. The next stage will be to prepare a profile which will identify the needs of the benefice and the gifts and skills we are looking for in our new incumbent. We will be consulting widely so please let us know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, the Diocese has been updating and making some internal changes to the Vicarage. We are very grateful to Mark Ward, who has been mowing the grass and keeping an eye on the building for us. We are hoping to form a small working party to tidy up the garden soon.

We are very pleased that the Bells Project is finished, the bells are being rung and also that the clock is now working. We know how much these familiar sounds have been missed by many people in the village. Unfortunately, since the new bells were installed, we have become aware that the tower roof is leaking. In order to protect our investment in the bells, we need to attend to this quite urgently so we are now looking into applying for grant aid to reshingle the whole spire. This is another very expensive undertaking for which we do not want to fundraise in the village at this time but if anyone would like to make a donation, however small, please contact Pat O’Hara (516450).

We have had very positive feedback about the Prayer Trail in the churchyard and we are hoping that this will become a permanent feature which is updated and changed on a regular basis. Thank you Joe for creating this.

Newnham Covid-19 Support Group: almost 30 volunteers have been helping people in and around Newnham, Blakeney and Popes Hill. We now have links with similar local groups under the auspices of the ’Hub’ run by the Community Engagement Office at the District Council, and hope to build on this network in the future.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">We have been keeping in close contact with</span> our school<span style="font-size: 1rem;"> and Joe has been videoing his weekly collective worship, which is viewed by the children in their classrooms. We would like to record our thanks for the hard work and dedication of Mrs Nolan and all the staff.</span>  Jane and Bev