Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Newnham

Lent Prayer Course 2021

12 Feb 2021, midnight

From Revd Joe: Like last year, we cannot celebrate in ways that we might hope to, as restrictions (and we hope good sense!) steer us away from gatherings, and though this may change in the coming months, we want to prepare for ‘home-worship’ as much as possible through this season.

Lent itself offers us chance to journey with God through the dark and difficult parts of life. Usually, though it embraces all aspects of life within the world, this can be a very personal time. And, normally, this kind of opportunity - to draw close to God and to face up to our common brokenness - is not normal. Our usual busy lives don’t often help us to stop, breathe, and open up to God.

However, I don’t know about you, but the past year (especially this recent lockdown) has felt like one long Lenten season! We have had more than enough space to wrestle with our doubts and despair – more than we’ve wanted! We long for that sense of release, of resurrection, of light overcoming darkness.


With that in mind, I want to invite you on a journey into prayer. It has been designed to help us find hope in ‘unanswered’ prayer – those moments when God seems silent. Inspired by the days in Holy Week, the course looks at Jesus’s prayer life, and how we can find hope in the most difficult of times.


On Ash Wednesday, 17<sup>th</sup> February, all the resources will be online at

There are 5 videos, one for each week leading up to Holy Week.

We can watch the videos in our own time, but we will have a ZOOM gathering to share our thoughts and follow the discussion questions.

There will be a morning zoom and an evening zoom, I recommend choosing and staying with the group you begin with.

Morning Zooms will be held on Tuesday Mornings at 10am

Evening Zooms will be held on Tuesday Evenings at 7.30pm

The Course Gatherings will begin on Tuesday 23<sup>rd</sup> February

Therefore, if you’d like to join in, make sure you’ve watched the first video for Session One before Tuesday 23<sup>rd</sup>. The first session is called God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer. Email me for the links if you haven't received them via our weekly newssheet. And, you can also join in by reading Pete Greig’s book ‘God on Mute’, which the course in based on. Archbishop Justin Welby writes, ‘it is a Christian classic.’