Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Parkend and Viney Hill

From the Vicarage

Some Lenten teaching on Wednesdays

I'm planning to do a sequence of talks/teaching after the Wednesday 10 am communion services in Lent. These will start on Wednesday 11th March and continue each week with the last on 8th April in Holy Week.

I will be exploring the theme of "Can we trust the gospels?" Why do we have these four gospels? Why not the Gospel of Thomas or other ones? Where did they come from? Were they made up? Are they historically reliable?

It won't come as a surprise to you to know that the answer to the main question is a resounding "YES!" - but finding out all the rea-sons why is, I believe, worth sharing.

Do come along. It'll be relaxed and informal and there will be tea :)

May God’s grace go before us and enable us to exercise the discipline of Christian speech, so enabling us all to live as members of Christ’s body.

Rev Sam