Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Quedgeley

Fr. John to retire

3 Oct 2020, noon

Fr. John came to Quedgeley in 2012. He firmly believed that the church in Quedgeley should be used more by the community. As a result two very successful community groups were formed, Chit Chat for the elderly and Chatterbox for the youngsters. Both groups operated on a weekly basis and provided a place for youngsters and elderly to socialize. Under Fr. John’s leadership a family service was also introduced. On the first Sunday of each month youngsters and their families flocked to St. James’ to enjoy and take part in worship and craft activities followed by a lovely buffet lunch. During Fr. John’s ministry, St. James’ experienced a rise in the number of baptisms and many new faces joined and were seen in the congregation.</span>

We wish Fr. John all the very best. May he have a long and happy retirement.