Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Witcombe with Bentham

Zoom Meetings

3 Sep 2021, 9 a.m.

Our Sunday worship is no longer a separate service - each Sunday a video of one of our church services will be available on our Facebook page  

(This service is also Livestreamed to our Facebook page @Greenwaychurches)

Every Thursday 9 am Morning Prayer on zoom 

followed by  Coffee and Chat at approx. 9.30am 

- all are welcome to join for prayers, chat or both.

Zoom Meeting link:

or dial 0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 782 5115 6340

Password: 444592

First Thursday of each month 3.30 pm School Prayers  Everyone who is part of the school community, or who would like to pray for the school and community, is invited to join us for a short time of prayer together.

Zoom Meeting link: 

Meeting ID: 871 1826 5367

Passcode: 739691

How to phone into services if you do not have a computer, tablet or smartphone, or if you are unable to access Zoom.

Step 1: dial 0131 460 1196

Step 2: enter the meeting number followed by the hash key i.e. 87894581168#

Step 3: enter the identity number/password i.e. 088518