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Holy week in the Greenway benefice - from Palm Sunday to Easter Day

Revd Susan writes:

Dear friends,

Here are some resources for praying through Holy Week from your home.

(please download the attached document - this is just the introduction)

The theme for Holy Week in our benefice is the reading from Matthew chapter 27 verses 11-54, which is known as the Passion Narrative. The reading is broken into small sections for Monday to Friday, so that we may travel through the week together, towards the events of Good Friday and finally reach the light and joy of Easter Day.

Palm Sunday and Easter Day worship is from the booklet called “Praying in Isolation” which was produced by a colleague and edited especially for Greenway churches use in 2020 during the corona virus outbreak. You can find this in appendix 1 on page 4. The worship for Monday to Friday is from Common Worship Daily Prayer, which is reproduced in this document in appendix 6, page 5 and is also available online at the Church of England website. The hymns are in appendix 3 from page 7, in alphabetical and numerical order.

Prayers during the day in Holy Week

The above link takes to you the standard outline for Monday 6th April 2020. Each service in Holy Week is based on that framework, although I have selected different readings. The readings are listed in this document, along with the hymn and psalm for each day.

Please use these prayers and worship at any time during the days from Palm Sunday through to Easter Day.

You can join in with us online, Sundays at 10am from Greenway Churches Facebook page, and Monday to Friday at noon from my page, The services on my page will be shared with the Greenway churches page by about 1pm each day.

There are other services and resources listed, that are offered by others in the diocese and across the country. These services are listed in appendix 4 on page 11, and as separate tab on this achurchnearyou page

Please make use of whatever works best for you! The document is long, but you don’t need to print it. You can use it on screen, or follow along with the service online. Please think before you print.

For families - you will find further ideas on the Growing Together pages of our Diocesan Website at


Revd Susan, vicar.

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