Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Witcombe with Bentham

Coronavirus Support Group for Witcombe with Bentham

Many of us are under isolation but this is to let you know that if you are isolated and/or unwell we will help if we can:

Telephone contact

Shopping (as available)/Prescriptions

Urgent car journeys (where possible)

Prayer resources

Please contact Churchwardens (Sue 01452 862509  and Lynne 01452 864523) 


Phil Quarry Pillcroft Rd/Cl area555323/07913733189/[email protected]

Liz Matthews Astridge Rd area 863895/07522620520

                        [email protected]

Janine Taylor Birdlip Hill 864323/07800886935 [email protected]

Ellen Pointon Green Lane/Main Road 864689

Christine Jeffs Bentham La/Dog La. 864887

Helen Makins Green Lane 864448

Alison & Brian Kelly Astridge Road 522022

Emma Pillcroft Close 07962105791

Lindsay Willats Pillcroft Road 07590318120

Lizzie & James Caversham 07710672998  or 07989582111

Debbie Ward nr Village Hall 07984316620

Sue Mason Green Lane 862676/07803429230

Christine & Tony Dyer Dog Lane 862399

Jane Fenton Dog Lane 07852036001

Jill Jones Sandy Pluck Lane 01242 862611

If you are also able/willing to be a contact please let Sue or Lynne know