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APCM Sunday, October 25th 2020

10 Oct 2020, 5:30 p.m.
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Treasurers report – Annual report 2019

Firstly, I would like to express my thanks to Christopher Tubbs for auditing the accounts. His usual professional and speedy auditing is very much appreciated.

Regarding the accounts, the total income of £26,272.98p exceeded the expenditure of £22,608.05p by £3,664.93p. This has resulted in the bank balance of £12.795.39p at the end of 2018, rising to £16,460.32p at the end of 2019.

However, this was only achieved, mainly, due to donations totalling £10,239.51p. The majority of this included £5,000 from the Awdry Trust, £1,124.72 from the Coffee Pot, £1,600 from the Hidden Gardens,£1,200 from Katie Fforde, £500 from KM Marketing, and £300 from 'Good on Paper. There were several smaller donations totalling £514.79p.

Our thanks go to all those who have made donations.

The total received from collections etc., at church services was £3,391.70p, and receipts from PGS givers was £4,310.94, plus the tax reclaim of £1,462.52 (of which £586.12p related to 2018/2019.)

There are now so few contributors using the white envelope scheme that we can no longer order further supplies of the white envelopes, any old envelopes can be used, or, if tax payers, use the green envelopes.

My thanks to all those who have moved to the new scheme! It is making my work easier, and benefiting our church.

Other income came from Church events totalling £2,811.07p (craft exhibition - £396.32, harvest supper - £140, Middle East evening - £329 and £1,945.75 from 'Thomas saves Christmas'.). Although a donation of £100 has been received from Veronica Chambers to tale the total to £2,000+.

Church activities totalled £277.24p (Church coffee and postcards). Income from funerals and weddings totalled £3,780, but there are costs of £1,560.50p relevant to this income (Diocese fees), making a net income of £2,219.50p

Regarding the expenditure of £22,608.05p, the Parish Share was agreed at £12,000, and was paid in full, although, £2,111 was paid to the Deanery for project funding.

The Church insurance was £2,573.10p.

Utilities – Gas, Electricity and Water totalled £1,599.05p.

Churchyard costs totalled £1,683.69p.

In addition, we made a donation of £110 to the Children's Society (From Christingle collection, £132 from the Rememberance service, and £25 to 'Churches in Stroud').,

£183.43 for Church activities -(Palm Crosses - £9.72 and £173.71p and Christmas cards).

Clergy expenses totalled £335.08p.

Church costs totalled £2,346.20p, and included £194.40p + £79.20p for lighting repairs, £324 for a structural design report, £287.70p for repairs following vandalism, £1000 for rebuilding the collapsed wall, £132 as our contribution to Deanery costs, £156 for the tender report from Stone Ecclesiastical, and £210.60p for fire protection work.

In summary, the income from Church services, and planned giving totalled £8,579.04p, and the costs of running the Church, including the Parish share of £12,000, Utilities and insurance totalled £16,172.15p.

It is, therefore, clear, that we need to generate more income, as we have been so reliant on substantial donations for the past few years, which cannot be guaranteed to continue.

This is in addition to the substantial amount required to complete the work required following the quinquennial report.

B. C John