Church of England Diocese of Gloucester Coberley and Cowley

Preparation of new electoral roll

8 Feb 2019, 2:30 p.m.
Application-for-Enrolment-Electoral-Roll-20132_1xrsfws.pdf Download

To be on the electoral roll you should be:

- baptised,

- at least 16 years old,

- either live in the parish or have worshipped in the church regularly for at least six months,

- a "lay person" (not ordained),

- e a member of the Church of England or certain other churches.

Please complete the form (attached) and return it to Mrs Margaret Champion, Electoral Roll Officer, by no later than Monday 11th March 2019. Her contact details are:

New Rectory, Cowley, GL53 9NJ

[email protected]

01242 870402