Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Uffington

A Message from Fr Aran Rector of The Uffington Group of Churches Updated 24th March,

Dear Friends,

You are all very much in my prayers and will remain in my prayers every day. 

If you need help or support please contact Fr Aran Beesley

Tel. 07590 055905 or Email. [email protected]

Please let us know if we can help you or one of your neighbours.

As we focus on helping those in need we have had to close our Church buildings, this is to comply with the Government’s advice.

We will continue to pray daily for all in need.

A web link that you may find useful to join with others in a Service of Daily Prayer is  

There will be no Church weddings or baptisms for the foreseeable future.

Prayers will be said daily by Fr Aran in private on behalf of everyone in our parishes.

With your support and God’s help, we can offer hope to our parishes.

Much good can be done from the comfort of homes, especially by praying for each other. 

A small group is investigating how we might use technology to stay connected. Colin Blagrove and Padre Shaw might have something to share with us all soon.

If there are any ideas that you have for your Parish, or you would like my help with then, please share. I’d love to know everything we are all doing to worship God and love our neighbour.

As I said at that beginning, you are all in my prayers along with our PCC members, Congregations and all who live and work in our Parishes.

I will be spending most of my time visiting and meeting those who I am able to and also making phone calls to keep in touch. Please be as generous as you are able as I slowly answer emails and return phone calls. I am receiving many more enquiries than normal - which is a good thing, but frustrating for you if you don’t hear back from me.

And finally, as I pray for you, please pray for me.

Yours sincerely,

Fr Aran

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