Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Sapperton with Braceby


13 Feb 2021, 5 p.m.
Church_news From_the_Vicar Lent

Sundays in Lent

During Lent this year, our Sunday reflections will be a series of Bible Studies that relate events in the Acts of the Apostles with issues in our society today. They are provided by Church Action on Poverty. Lent is a time of growth, and it is good to grow in our own understanding of issues that are faced by people in our communities.

February 21<sup>st</sup> from Lenton:

Speaking out for change – Acts 4.1-20

February 28<sup>th</sup> from Sapperton:

Wealth and poverty – Acts 5.1-11

March 7<sup>th</sup> from Boothby Pagnell:

Gifts and power – Acts 8.9-24


March 14<sup>th</sup> from Old Somerby:

All Age Worship for Mothering Sunday


March 21<sup>st</sup> from Braceby:

Identity politics and liberation – Acts 8.26-40

March 28<sup>th</sup> – Palm Sunday

Procession of Palms (in some form!)

Preacher – Rev’d Sonia Barron, Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Vocations

Daily Reflections for the 40 Days

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, 17<sup>th</sup> February, there will be a daily reflection for each of the days of Lent, consisting of a one of the sayings of Jesus,

a few words about it or a picture for reflection,

and a prayer.

Daily reflections for the 40 days will be sent out as emails to those who usually receive Sunday worship. If you wish to be included, email Anna at [email protected]

They will also be available on the Benefice Website and Ropsley Church Facebook Page

A Lent Action to consider:

During this pandemic we have seen how many people have lost a large part of their income, and had to turn to food banks and other charities. This Lent we are supporting two Christian charities that support the poorest in our society – Church Action on Poverty – which offers practical help to the poorest in our society; and Christians Against Poverty – which helps people to climb out of debt. Look up the work that they do – it is amazing.<span style="font-size: 1rem;"> & </span>

Are you prepared to give up one meal a week and send the cost of that meal to Church action on Poverty or Christians Against Poverty (or another charity of your choice)?

Giving to Church Action on Poverty & Christians Against Poverty:

Donations can be given to both charities through their websites. If that is not convenient to you, drop of your donation at the Rectory, clearly labelled with the charity of your choice.