Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Ruskington

Church opening and other news

21 Jun 2020, 11 a.m.


Sunday, March 15th saw the last service held in All Saints` Church before the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the introduction of all the restrictions that now shape our daily lives. We want to take this opportunity to let you know how things stand at this present time regarding Ruskington Parish Church.

Although the Government have said that churches may open for individual private prayer, we face additional problems in that almost all our congregation, volunteers and PCC fall into all three of the categories of those who are clinically vulnerable or at risk. For this reason, the Bishops are currently advising us not to open All Saints` Church to the public, even for individual private prayer. When the time is appropriate and the Bishops’ advice allows, the procedures for opening will have to be agreed and overseen by the PCC.

The Winchelsea Centre and car park are similarly closed to the public, please contact Alwyn Kirk for further clarification.

Unfortunately, there can be no progress in the appointment of a new incumbent to All Saints` for two reasons:

• A late objection about the split of the Benefice of North Lafford meant the original post was withdrawn by the Bishop. This objection will still require a proper hearing and decision when possible.

• Currently serving incumbents have to stay in their present posts due to COVID19 and will be required to remain for 6 months once restrictions are eased, which will further extend the period we are without an incumbent, even if we have another, successful round of interviews in the near future.

The refurbishment of the bells in All Saints` belfry is obviously ‘on hold’ until the Diocese gives permission for work of this nature to proceed. Also, Whites, the bellhangers, will need to comply with working regulations that are in force at that time.

May we reassure you that the church is regularly monitored and remains in excellent condition. Also, the PCC is very much aware of any developments in this on-going situation. Therefore, we hope to have more news for you soon, and ask that you remain positive, faithful, hopeful, and prayerful.