Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Gainsborough and Morton

Prayer Diary for August

1 Aug 2020, 12:15 a.m.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">        </span><span style="font-size: 1rem;">PRAYER DIARY FOR AUGUST</span>

Sat. 1st Pray for the sick & housebound of our parish.

Sun. 2nd Lord direct us in the ways of your laws and the works of your commandments.

Mon. 3rd Pray for all who have been bereaved.

Tues. 4th Pray for the ministry of Cynthia and the café helpers.

Wed. 5th Pray for Steve, our Team Rector and his family.

Thurs. 6th Pray for Sue, our Reader.

Fri. 7th Pray for Eddie and all who exercise the ministry of a verger.

Sat. 8th Pray for all who serve in local government in Gainsborough & Morton.

Sun. 9th May we bring forth the fruit of the Spirit in love and joy and peace.

Mon. 10th Pray for our churchwardens and all church officials.

Tues 11th Pray for all involved in the ministry of music in our parish.

Wed. 12th Pray for the care homes in our parish and our ministry among them.

Thurs. 13th Pray for the ministry team and all the work they do.

Fri. 14th Pray for all who visit our churches.

Sat. 15th Pray for the Mothers Union Fellowship Group.

Sun. 16th Lord be open to the prayers of your humble servants.

Mon. 17th Pray for our deanery, for Phillip Wain, Rural Dean and Paul Howitt-Cowan, lay chair.

Tues. 18th Pray for the Gainsborough Food Bank.

Wed. 19th Pray for all who support our churches, with time, talents and money.

Thurs. 20th Pray for the continued outreach work of St. George’s.

Fri. 21st Pray for all involved in the ministry of healing.

Sat. 22nd Pray for all the businesses in our community as they take slow steps to recovery.

Sun. 23rd Lord may we receive your gracious promises.

Mon. 24th Pray for the bellringers.

Tues. 25th Pray for all the schools of our parish as they prepare for a new year.

Wed. 26th Pray for the Friendship & Crafting Group unable to meet at the moment.

Thurs. 27th Pray for our congregations as they adjust to the “new normal”.

Fri. 28th Pray for all who support our churches, with time, talents and money.

Sat. 29th Pray for those planning weddings in our churches.

Sun. 30th Grant that we who are made whole in Christ may bring that healing to this broken world.

Mon. 31st Pray for those seeking baptism.