Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Great and Little Coates with Bradley

Resuming Church Services

4 Jul 2020, 1:30 p.m.

In light of the Government’s Advice Public Services may resume as of 4th of July.

Numbers at Services must be limited in order to comply with Social-Distancing, hygiene and safety measures.

Services will not resume at St. George’s, Bradley until September at the earliest.

In the meantime, a pattern of services is being resumed at our sister churches of St. Michael's and St. Nicolas'. You can find the details here

We will continue to Live-Stream services via our Facebook pages, the links can be viewed here.

A message from the Rector

Dear friends 

It is good that we can worship in our churches once again, albeit in a different way. Although the Government is permitting places of worship to resume services not all churches are in position to do so for a variety of reasons e.g. size and profile of congregation and proportion of members who are unable to attend. Following consultation with the the members of our community it has been decided that St. George's will not resume services in church until September at the earliest. This will allow time for us to reassess during August, at which time we will update you.

As stated above, a pattern of services is being resumed at our sister churches of St. Michael's and St. Nicolas'. You can find the details here.

If you would like to attend any of the services you will need to reserve seating. You can reserve seating by using the following contact details.

St. Michael's

Joan Hackfath: [email protected] or 01472 873 851

St. Nicolas'

Guy Hodgins: [email protected] or 01472 884 111

I would like to thank you for working with us to make worship as safe as possible. Some of you will attend services in church over the coming weeks, others will not, and still others remain undecided.

The following information is offered to assist you as you decide what your pattern of worship will be and to remind you of the things we need to remember and observe.

The decision to worship in Church is entirely yours. 

We have followed the Government's and Church of England's Guidelines in order to make worshipping in Church as safe as possible. However, no one can provide a risk-free public space. So, it is for you to decide if you feel comfortable worshipping in Church at this stage, and to change your mind at any time!

Some things to remember when deciding if you will return to worship in church:

If you are deemed ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ you are entitled to come to church BUT it is not advised

On-line services will continue for the foreseeable future 

If you have a new and continuous cough or high temperature or loss of taste and smell – Stay At Home

If you begin to display symptoms during worship return Home immediately and follow the Stay At Home guidance

Attendance information will be kept for Track and Trace purposes for up to one month 

You will need to reserve a place at one of the services 

Please remember to notify us if you have reserved a place but cannot attend

Face coverings are optional

The toilets will be available for use

We will also have to observe the following if attending worship:

Observe social-distancing and avoid queues/congestion in the churchyard/Parking Areas

Sanitise your hands at entry and exit from church

Follow the directions of the Wardens when going to your place

Observe social-distancing and avoid queues and congestion when entering church

Candles may be lit before the service by following the directions of the Wardens and only after the sanitiser has fully dried on your hands

Services should be concluded in the shortest reasonable time

Service and Reading sheets will be provided and you are asked to take them home 

Congregations will remain in their places throughout the celebration to maintain social distancing

Hymn singing is not permitted but there will be organ music during the service

The peace will NOT be shared

The Collection is replaced with a large bowl for offerings to be dropped into upon arrival

Communion will be brought to you in your place to maintain social distancing

Communion will be in one kind only (i.e. the consecrated bread) 

There will be no refreshments after Service

As you prepare to leave remain in your place and await the directions of the Wardens

Clergy are not able to greet people individually whilst entering and exiting church

Observe social-distancing and avoid queues and congestion when leaving church

Observe social-distancing and avoid queues/congestion in the churchyard/Parking Areas

Hymn books are available for loan if you would like to sing at home

This information will also be available in printed form with the Sunday Link, the shortened Order of Service and Readings.

It is important to remember that this phase of the Covid-19 measures is likely to last for some considerable time, quite possibly up to Christmas and beyond. 

I would ask for your continued patience as we navigate new experiences. Please remember this is uncharted territory for all of us.

I would like to thank all who have assisted in responding to this crisis since March this year, and to thank you for your patience and understanding over the same period. 

As always, if you have any questions do feel free to be in touch.

My warmest best wishes as we embark on this new phase.

Fr David