Church of England Diocese of Lincoln St. Mary and St. Gabriel Binbrook

ADVENT Ring Hymn

We have this Advent ring to remind us of the coming of Jesus, the light of the world.


ALL SING: The holly and the ivy

are dancing in a ring

with the bright and shining candles

giving glory to our king.

ADVENT 1 Patriarchs

We light this candle to remind us of God's people, who in every age watch for his coming.

ALL SING: The first is for God's people

in every age and day.

We are watching for his coming

and the light of God's new day.


ADVENT 2 Prophets

(The first and second candle is lit).

We light this candle to help us to think of God's greatest promise, first told by the prophets.

ALL SING: The next is for the prophets

and for the light they bring.

They are candles in the darkness,

burning bright for Christ our King.


ADVENT 3 John the Baptist (Gaudete Sunday – Rejoice) Rose Pink

(The first, second and third candle is lit)

We light this candle to remind us of John the Baptist who passed on God's message. 'Get ready for your king.'

ALL SING: The third is for the Baptist,

he calls on us to sing:

‘O prepare the way for Jesus Christ

and the joy that he will bring.’


ADVENT 4 The Virgin Mary

(The first, second, third and fourth candle is lit)

We light this candle to remind us of Mary who told God she would obey.

ALL SING: The fourth is for our Lady:

'I hear and I obey'

Her child is Christ our Saviour

to be born on Christmas Day.


Christmas Day

All the candles are lit. The large white Christ candle is lit)

Minister: Joy to the world

Response: The Lord is here

ALL SING: (The whole song is sung including this verse)

And Christ is in the centre

For this is His birthday

With the shining nights of Christmas

Singing: ‘He has come today.’