Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Wold-Marsh

The Rector

It is a great pleasure to be able to introduce myself as your parish priest. I am a proud native of Lincolnshire, having been brought up in Billinghay where our family business, T & C Robinson’s Saddlery, has been based for over a century. We had in fact at one time a branch in Louth and I fondly remember accompanying my father across the Wolds as a child. Living here now I am reminded of words from the sixteenth Psalm: ‘My share has fallen in a fair land’!

Before coming here I served as assistant curate for the parishes of St Wulfram and St John the Evangelist in Grantham and Manthorpe. I also acted as chaplain for the Worshipful Company of Saddlers, based in the City of London. Before that I trained for ministry in Cambridge where I also completed an undergraduate degree in theology at St John’s College. Before that I read ancient history, first at the University of Wales and then at Lincoln College, Oxford. I retain a keen interest in history and archaeology and the development of the early Church. I am a member of the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, which exists to promote friendship between the Anglican Church and the Orthodox Churches of the East, and I am a supporter of the Prayer Book Society, for whom I have preached in the past. I am also currently serving as chaplain to the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

My wife Arabella has just completed her doctorate and is serving her curacy in Louth, having been ordained Petertide 2018. We have a son, Aubrey, who will be three in August. He likes aeroplanes, dragons and tractors, which are not too different from my own interests. I am a keen sportsman, have played cricket for the Church of England, and manage to maintain a humble disposition by supporting Nottingham Forest. I love literature and the arts, especially music. English folk song is a particular favourite.

I am deeply passionate about communicating the Gospel and have enormous faith in the capacity of our churches to make God known and to transform lives. Please know that, as your priest, I shall be praying for you every day and that my door is always open, should you wish to see me.