Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Louth

Easter 5 : Post 63

2 May 2021, midnight
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Welcome to St Andrew’s Stewton Church Community Post 63.

In our gospel reading today Jesus describes himself as a vine, and God, his loving Father the vine-grower. Imagine a vine, growing strongly, abundantly leafy, drooping with bunches of grapes, perhaps one you have seen growing in a warm climate, or in a hothouse. In what way is this a good image to describe how Jesus wants us to grow in him? Is this image of the vine one that speaks to you? Do you feel part of a caring community, cared for, protected, gently pruned, as a vine cherished by the vine-grower? Close to each other? Close to Jesus? We each have a part to play as members of this local and worldwide community; therefore we have a responsibility towards our brothers and sisters where ever they are including the people of India in their terrible suffering and elsewhere in the world.

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