Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Louth

Post 74 SASCC

18 Jul 2021, 9 a.m.
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<div>Psalm 23 is the psalm set for today. It speaks of God’s continual care for us. Have we, as a church community sensed that continual care throughout this time of pandemic? Does God seem close to you? Today’s Post witnesses to the pastoral and spiritual care we have tried to provide over these months. But that is not the case everywhere. Many feel abandoned, forsaken, neglected. Covid-19 has served to deepen this sense of despair as church congregations decline in numbers growing tired and frail with age. It’s easy to lay the blame with ‘them’ whoever ‘they’ are. Eagerly we look forward to ‘getting back to normal.’ Can you really ‘go back’? Surely we can only ‘go forward’ together seeking ways of being church which address the colossal task it faces. The church is one body, the Body of Christ. We all must share the burden of responsibility for the sake of the generations to come and the fulfilment of our discipleship as Christians.</div>

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">The care God gives to us, Psalm 23 tells us isn’t simply keeping us safe. It’s about nourishing us, feeding us, and sustaining us: “…he restores my soul…” How does God restore your soul? Are you in need of this kind of care now? Christ trusted the apostles to take his message of God’s enduring love out into the world. May our worship and life together enrich and invigorate us to share God’s word afresh among our own generation.</span>