Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Louth

Post 80 SASCC

29 Aug 2021, 9 a.m.
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On 23rd March 2020 when our first Post went out I never dreamt we would get to Post 80, but here we are! Now is the time to stop and take stock. Those of us living locally have the opportunity to meet next Sunday (Sept 5th) at 3.00 p.m. to worship and consider two questions – As part of a Christian Community what have we learned over the past 18 months? Where do we go from here? The future, living with Covid-19, remains uncertain. For many, life is changed because of illness, bereavement, unemployment or whatever. The life of the church as an institution is facing radical change. That does not mean its core purpose and reason for being has changed in any way. We have often been reminded that our church buildings, like St Andrew’s Stewton, has experienced all this before over the centuries and ‘the church’ has moved on. Now the question is how we be church for the future to witness the Gospel of God to the present and succeeding generations.