Church of England Diocese of Liverpool St. Stephen, Gateacre

34 years after running his last Marathon the Rector, Phil Janvier, is doing it again.

2 Apr 2019, 4:45 p.m.

In 1985, The Revd Phil Janvier ran his last marathon, but now he's doing it again for the Children's Society. 

'Right now some children in this country don’t feel safe, loved, or able to cope,' said Phil, 'The Children's Society runs vital local services and campaign to change laws and policies to help the most vulnerable young people. Working together with their supporters, they listen, support and act to show children they are on their side. I just can't ignore the needs of so many vulnerable children in our society and country. These are our children suffering, and if my running 26 miles helps them... then I'll do it.'

If you would like to support Phil then go to his page by clicking on the link below: