Church of England Diocese of Liverpool Sefton


We are concerned about the churchyard becoming overgrown but we have followed Church of England guidelines as indicated below. 

If any person visiting a family grave wishes to clear that area themselves then please do so as it may be some time before our willing  group of volunteers are able to work on mowing and tidying the churchyard.

Please be extremely careful when visiting the churchyard during lockdown. Thank you. 

Church of England Guidelines

Are we allowed to cut the grass and other gardening In the churchyard during lockdown? 

Tending to churchyards cannot be considered an essential activity and, in line with the Archbishops’ message to clergy, we believe it is not modelling best practice to tend the churchyard. 

For volunteers, tending to the churchyard is not recommended during the lockdown, unless it is for security or safety reasons such as pruning a tree which is considered unsafe, or removing climbing plants from walls if they are causing damage to the building or could be used to facilitate breaking in.

Anyone undertaking works in the churchyard for these specific purposes should work alone (unless they are with someone from the same household). If they are using the church’s equipment, then it should be sanitised before and after use in line with Public Health England advice. 

This could be an opportunity to change your mowing regime by allowing suitable areas to grow long over the next few weeks, allowing natural wildflowers to grow and encouraging biodiversity.