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Building God's Family Tree during Advent

12 Nov 2020, midnight
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If you would like an advent project, download the instructions on how to make a Jesse Tree.

Advent is the season of preparation: preparation of ourselves, our homes and our gifts that we give at Christmas, celebrating Jesus

coming into the world. This year the light, hope and peace which Jesus brings is more significant than ever. The winter is dreaded by

many, with Covid-19 related restrictions on socialising and contact with others.

In this Advent season, a Jesse tree on display in a window or garden at home or

outside a church could be a really wonderful symbol of hope, as onlookers watch the

scene develop bit by bit.

Jesse was the father of King David and a prophecy in the book of Isaiah says that the

Messiah would come from David’s family, ‘A shoot will spring forth from the stump

of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots.’ Isaiah 11.1. Early Jesse trees showed Jesse,

from whom sprang a tree or vine bearing David and Jesus. Later artists added more

figures. Jesse trees today trace the family of God from Creation right through to Jesus.

In a year when we have been and may still be separated from our own biological and

church families, building this family tree has even more hope and significance. There

will also be opportunities to add in your own families/friends as well.