Church of England Diocese of Liverpool St. Thomas, Melling

Coronavirus updates and news about what is happening in the Church of England in Maghull and Melling

Following on from the Church of England guidance, we are now closing Church buildings.

Our regular services across all of our Church of England churches in Maghull and Melling

(both Sunday and midweek) have now stopped until further notice, as well as all other regular activities and Open Church .

The Church Building may be closed but the Church is not. The Church is the people not the place.

We will be continuing to pray and if you would like to send a prayer request please use this website or the email addresses provided

We will also be sharing resources for prayer at home for those who would like this. They can be found in the News and Notices section and on our Church Facebook page.

Our Church networks are ringing people to keep in touch and if you would like a phone call again please message us via this website

We have been looking at ways we might help those who need help especially with shopping - but we have a very few people who don’t come into the at risk group.

So I am sorry but we, as a Church, haven’t got the volunteers who aren’t in an at risk group to take on this role so we are not able to offer this service.

HOWEVER IF you know someone who needs help please call Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845 to ask for support and to get advice on where else you may be able to access information and help. The teams will assess your needs and pass your information to Sefton Council for Voluntary Services (Sefton CVS).

Volunteering: if you, or someone you know, would like to help in this way Sefton Council are referring people to Sefton CVS.

Please be assured of our continued prayer for this whole situation and please do join us in that prayer.

We invite you to join us in this prayer:

Saviour Christ,

in whose way of love lies the secret of all life,

and the hope of all people,

we pray for quiet courage to match this hour.

We did not choose to be born or to live in such an age;

but let its problems challenge us, its discoveries exhilarate us,

its injustices anger us, its possibilities inspire us

and its vigour renew us for your kingdom’s sake.