Church of England Diocese of London St. Michael Cornhill with St. Peter-le-Poor and St. Benet Fink

Mandarin Service 中文聚会

In March 2017, the London Diocese invited the Mandarin Congregation of St Helen’s Bishopsgate to move to St Michael's, with a view to establishing a hub for Mandarin Ministry. We meet every Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm; on the first Sunday of every month in St Michael’s, and the rest of the time in St Peter’s Cornhill, just down the road.

The Mandarin service meets at 2:30pm on Sundays, and involves people of different ages and nationalities. As with other congregations at St Helen’s, our focus is on knowing Jesus and making him known. Please do invite Mandarin speaking friends or colleagues to join us.

For more info please visit or email Mary at [email protected]

在 2017 年 3 月,圣公会(Church of England)伦敦教区邀请 St Helen’s 教会的普通话聚会迁入 St Michael’s 教堂,以建立一个普通话福音事工的中心。我们在每个月的第一个周日在这里进行常规的下午 2:30 聚会。在每月其它的周日,我们仍然在 St Peter’s Cornhill 聚会。

我们的成员来自不同民族、不同国家、不同年龄阶段,但是共同的语言把我们联合起来。和整个 St Helen’s 大家庭一样,我们渴望更加认识耶稣并且让更多人认识他。我们特别高兴可以有非基督徒朋友们在我们当中。如果你还不会称自己为基督徒的话,我们非常希望能够让你感受到我们的欢迎,我们也更加希望可以帮助你了解基


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