Church of England Diocese of London St Mary with St Peter & St Jude West Brompton

Faculty Application: 5G upgrade of Telefonica telecoms equipment

5 Feb 2021, 4:45 p.m.
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We publish the Public Notice to comply with instructions issued by the Chancellor of the Diocese of London, the senior officer responsible for legal matters in the church of England in London. Normally applications for changes to the fabric of churches are dealt with by notices posted inside the church and in some prominent place outside and then by the Chancellor. But the effect of the coronavirus/Covid 19 lockdown has been that fewer people are able to see these notices and in order to ensure that the church’s system of planning approvals reflects the changes Government has made for planning applications submitted to local authorities, the Chancellor has advised that during lockdown the church must take active steps to ensure that these public notices are brought to the attention of the local community and other interested parties. For more information about this particular notice please don’t hesitate to contact the Parish Office or Net Coverage Solutions Ltd - [email protected].