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Church Chat

14 May 2020, midnight
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Church Chat is a way of keeping in touch. A lot has been happening on Church Chat. Read the amazing memories that members of our congregation have of VE Day. There are also two updates on the Almasri’s, our Community Sponsorship family and a new scrubs diary. We’d love to hear from you. Please send your news to [email protected]

From my window is part of Church Chat. Most of us can’t go out at the moment so the view from our window becomes important. We invite you to share what you see or how you feel when you look out. It may be something beautiful or it may be something that makes you sad; it may bring back memories or you may just glimpse God. We’d love to know. We have already posted several views for you to share. Send your thoughts, or a poem, drawing or photo with your name or anonymously to [email protected] We’ll upload them to Church Chat.