Church of England Diocese of London St. Peter with St. Martin Edmonton

Harvest Festival 2020

5 Oct 2020, 10:15 a.m.
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This year for Harvest, we brought in some of the trees and plants from our Peace Garden and decorated the church with many tins, packets and fresh produce.  On the day we lit candles in the windows and celebrates God's complete generosity by giving thanks for the Incarnation and all he continues to give for our flourishing.  We created a Harvest Tree of Hope by writing our hopes on green leaves and hanging them on a tree behind our Easter cross.  This joined our hopes with the greatest hope of all, that through Jesus we have the hope of new life, forgiveness and freedom.   You can see the Tree of Hope in our Gallery page.  All harvest goods donated will go off to Manna and a local food-bank and in this they also part of this hope.  In the sermon we looked the value of generosity.  (see full text with the notice sheet) How sharing what we have means more people can put food on the table, perhaps calming the stress of a household enough to reduce anxiety or domestic violence.   Enabling others to eat everyday gives energy and confidence to make that phone call or apply for that job.  In these trying times, it is our role to reflect God's generosity and give hope to those whose lives have become hopeless.