Church of England Diocese of London Hornsey, St. Mary with St. George

Christmas at Hornsey Parish Church

1 Jan 2021, 3 p.m.
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<h1>Christmas Services</h1><div>

Christmas is the focus of the love of God to all people. The gift of Jesus brings hope to families and to those on their own. 

Thank you

Fr Bruce and Mthr Mitzi would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who made Christmas so special this year.
Thank you to readers, welcomers, wardens, intercessors, a/v team, musicians and everyone else who contributed to the services.
Thank you to the people who made the church look so lovely, kept the church clean.

Thank you to everyone who counted money, banked money, recorded money and, of course, gave money.
Thank you to those of you who pushed leaflets through letterboxes, stuck up posters and posted on social media to tell people about our services. And most of all thank you to everyone who came to our services, either live or online, who prayed and rejoiced and welcomed the Christ Child.

You are all of you a blessing to this church and we are grateful.

Thank you also for the cards and gifts – your generosity and kindness are much appreciated.

Christmas Leaflets

It has been our tradition to circulate Christmas greetings around the parish, delivering cards or flyers around the roads and streets. Thanks to everyone who helped us distribute nearly four thousands greetings!

Virtual Christmas Market

Thank you all for the astounding response to our <strong>Virtual Christmas Market</strong>. We have well over £700. Huge thanks to all who have organized it, and participated in making, buying and delivering.

If you missed out online - we still have some preserves for sale at the back of church.<s></s>