Church of England Diocese of Manchester St. Andrew Blackley


24 Apr 2021, 11:30 a.m.

" Frontlines" news for week beginning 25th April 2021

Good Morning

We hope that you had a chance to enjoy some of the sunshine we have had this week and we are looking forward to seeing lots of you in one of our churches or Sunday - whether that be in person or online.

We are starting our third week of exploring what our 'frontlines' look like. Those places where we spend our time, serve our families, our places of work and our places of play. What difference does it make being a Christian in those places?

This week our main reading you can have a look at in advance by clicking the red link that comes from Colossians 3

A laptop, mobile phone and notebook may not represent your frontline at all. At one of our midweek groups, we talked about ministry in the kitchen and even at the sink. We have had conversations about knitting needles, school gates and dinner tables. If you are one of those people who transport family and friends it may be just your car keys. We want to invite you to bring an object to church with you tomorrow which might represent your frontline. Unless it is a lawnmower - if it is a lawnmower then just come and describe it for us! We are probably going to invite a few people to share with us their objects and offer their daily tasks to God.

Remembering that <strong>whatever we do</strong>...we do for Him!