Church of England Diocese of Manchester Newton Heath

This Sunday: The Epiphany

1 Jan 2021, 1 a.m.
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They came, they saw, and then what Part II?

It’s the same heading as last week when the shepherds visited. Unlike the shepherds, the magi had plenty of time to prepare and question. Both journeys were risky. Although it was a short journey for the shepherds they had exposed their flocks to the risk of theft or other predators. The risks to the magi were Herod’s paranoia and the distance.

However, in essence the lesson is the same. Response to the mysterious, in faith, is a risky business especially in a world that seems only to have time for the straightforward and the immediate.

The shepherds brought themselves, just as they were, to come and see and to worship. That’s fine. God takes us as we are. The magi bring a mystical presence and symbolic gifts, in part, from the other end of the social spectrum. To paraphrase that well-known carol: what can we give him poor as we are? Our hearts are a start. We follow up with our love and obedience to the commands from the Jesus this infant grew to be. This means, taking a different route, and often.
Fr A.