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Saturday December 4th 2021: Updates and News. WE HAVE HEAT

Saturday 4th December November 2021 COVID Latest

We remain open for Sunday worship AND WE HAVE HEAT

9.00 am Holy Communion BCP (1662)
11.00 am Parish Eucharist (order of service uploaded)

If you've been tracking infection rates over the last few weeks, you will have seen there is  an apparent dramatic  drop this week, again, but let's not get too excited. NOW WE HAVE THE OMICRON VARIANT WITH US. Generally the 'R' number range has yet to fall below 1 at the upper end and is now 1.1

NB although our incidence is less than half the national rate as of 29th November, the transmission rate is actually up! So please continue take care.

However, an increasingly large number of is is fully vaccinated, and with booster doses, which off-set a lot of the risks of infection and their symptoms. However, Social Distancing strongly recommended by the PCC. There is a reminder below about that as well as other considerations so long as this virus is in our midst, at least in some places we visit.

According to

For seven days to 21st November: the average number of infections per 100k: 197.6 (351.3 previous week)

Estimated R number for North West

0.9 to 1.1 as of data provided 3rd December 2021.

FOLLOWING PCC MEETING SEPTEMBER 8TH 2021 (carried forward at the meeting of 17th November)

The PCC's guidance for worship remains as agreed at the PCC meeting on 21st July, as Covid 'numbers' are still high. Thus our direction, in order to be lawful, our language keeps the shift from from 'must' to 'please' or 'we strongly recommend'

Please wearing face coverings when moving about the building and when singing is strongly encouraged

Please sit where there are pewsheets and/or where sides people direct you.

Please try not to talk to one another inside the building, especially at pinch-points such as exits no matter how tempting that may be or however long it was since you saw 'x' or 'y'. Conversations ideally for us should take place outside and in the carpark socially distanced and brief - share phone numbers if necessary.

The Rector is not immune to being highly concerned and is placing his well-being at least on a par with anyone else who attends. He also needs some support greeting people as they arrive and ensuring that worshippers sit in the carefully designated places in church and that people stick to them in the course of the service. Without the ability to 'police' compliance, public worship is unsafe and will be discontinued.

Attendees are politely reminded to arrive in time for the start of the service, and certainly before the reading of the Gospel. The main service, now at 11.00 am has, in effect, been moved back one hour since July. Worship remains public, and preventing entry for late arrivals is less than ideal, even if it were strictly lawful to do so for those without malicious intent to disrupt it. For those who arrive in a state (of intoxication) which affronts the dignity of divine worship and is likely to be disruptive, it is lawful to prevent entry.

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